Our new POLECAM service is primarily aimed at

our estate agent clients. at the moment most only

use elevated photography with drones for higher

value property, normally it’s the higher price that

governs this decision. With the lightweight, easy to

set up POLECAM system, this cost is dramatically

reduced, and high level shots become viable for

even the lower priced property, when seen, the

images greatly enhance, and make traditional

photography aspects look dismal, our skilled operator

produces stunning Ultra HD 4k crisp, pin sharp Adobe

DNG Raw photographs, and full 360 degree

panoramas, the results give a brilliant impression

to clients, allowing viewers to see clearly the extent

of what they could potentially own and enjoy.

Often encouraging them to quickly book a viewing


Just Call Stuart on 07929 054558 he will

work with you to get the best results


The lightweight carbon fibre system only takes a few minutes to

deploy, it has NO restrictions for use, so no more 'low n boring'

run of the mill typical style pictures, the price is the only thing that's

low, and POLECAM is certainly the estate agent's friend.


Elevated photography with POLECAM is a quick and effective means

of achieving professional results from a perspective that presents

the full picture. Many clients are using elevated photography to

enhance property, but most are still useing expensive drones.



Professional Quadcopters have gained popularity very quickly

and recently their presence has increased dramaticaly.

I enjoy using our quadcopter at every oppertunity I get, but

sadly with the british weather there are too many instances

where it's just not feasible to operate.


The CAA has also set down strict rules and regulations for the

commercial use of 'drones', so there are a few locations and

situations where it would be impossible, illegal or even

irresponsible to fly......ENTER POLECAM!



Is perfect for adding "elevated style" perspectives to your projects,

you really should consider our new carbon fibre POLECAM, you won't

be disappointed with the super results we can achieve, and you'll be amazed

at the low amount on the final invoice too, with this technology even the low

priced property can take advantage of the ‘Wow Factor’ and potential buyers’

attention will be grabbed by these amazing photographs, potentially enabling

you to sell the property faster



3-axis gymbal with gyroscope stabilization

A system completely integrated with the

Sony 4k camera, that cancels out any

unwanted movements, it stays still

even if the pole sways or wobbles.


This is the first time that this style of

wireless technology is available in a

Sony camera that has a remote mount.


Connect an ipad or smartphone to see

what the camera sees and control

everything with just a tap of your finger.




POLECAM can be extended up to 33 Feet, but often we don't have to use

it at that fully extended height. we can still obtain a truly impressive viewpoint

and unique results at 15 feet high! or even as low as just 10 feet. 

For further information or a "no obligation"

quotation please ring Stuart

on 07929 054558.



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